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MUTUAL TRADING COMPANY INC. is the premier Japanese food, alcohol beverage, and restaurant supply specialist. We are the Japanese food authority - true to the heart in upholding genuine Japanese cuisine traditions, and progressive in exploring new ways to provide innovative products and services. Mutual Trading imports, exports, distributes and manufactures the top brands for our retailer and foodservice customers.

For the last half century,MUTUAL TRADING has single mindedly followed one corporate mission: "Bringing the Flavors of Japan to the People of the World". Today, we're seeing a general acceptance and heightened regard for Japanese foods from people in diverse regions across the world. This is truly an exciting time. We express our sincere respect to those who have endeavored to promote Japanese cuisine.

Rapid expansion in any field has propensity for compromised quality. In our industry, to establish a strong foothold in wide and even faraway areas, one cannot be successful without the understanding of the core foundation. We'd be honored if you would find our website valuable in your own pursuit for a better insight of the Japanese Food culture. Also, we invite you to visit any one of Mutual Trading's five show rooms located in Los Angeles , San Diego , Las Vegas , New York and in Honolulu .

I extend my heartfelt appreciation for your continuous support, and extend my sincere wish for your good health and continued success.

Noritoshi Kanai, President