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Wine was well known in the land of Bulgaria since ancient times. Archaeology, folklore, and literature provide ample evidence that wine grapes have thrived in these lands ever since the late Stone Age: grape growing and wine making were vital to the way of life of the Thracians, Romans, Greek, Slavs and Bulgarians. The importance of wine and vine-growing industry for the country is evidenced by the fact that the first Wine Law enacted as early as 1879. The Wine Law of 1978 played an important role in establishing the country as a world wine-growing authority. In the late 1970s Bulgaria ranked fourth in the wine production in the world. As still unpopular as it is in the United States, Bulgaria is the second largest exporter of bottled wine in the world, second only to France and it has four times the area, planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, of California. It appears to be the fastest growing new-comer on the market and now wine lovers in Florida can experience themselves the exciting wines the Bulgarian wineries are providing.

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