The profitability of your business during the next five to ten years will be determined by general economic conditions, competition and management control. No one has to tell you that you have more problems today than ten years ago. Operating costs have gone through the roof.

Adding to your problems is the ever-increasing complexity of the industry itself. New items and packages come and go rapidly. Yesterday's leader is tomorrow's also-ran. Bb>To stay profitable you need a smooth flow of information to keep a tight rein over all areas of your company.

Vermont Information Processing has been providing business solutions to Beverage Wholesalers since 1972.

The key to our success is providing a complete software package that handles every aspect of your distributorship. Also, we allow each department within the distributorship access to information so that they are 100% in control of their job.

By doing so, you become efficient, proactive, and in turn, more profitable. Information is easily accessed by all levels of the company - from the owner in the office, to a manager using a laptop on the road, to a salesperson using a Palm in the trade.

Vermont Information Processing is based in Colchester, Vermont and employs over 100 people. There are 395 distributors using the VIP Beverage System throughout the country.