W&H Systems Inc. has been designing & improving distribution centers for over 45 years! We are the leading provider of Engineered Logistics and Supply Chain solutions to the Wine & Spirits Industry. We provide space and personnel productivity improvements through innovative, ergonomic, ROI concentric designs in our application of automation.

W&H Systems has implemented more than 60 projects including 30 automated systems with smart picking & loading solutions.

Some of our claims to fame include:

● Empire Merchants, New York City largest and most advanced system in the nation. This facility once shipped more than 50,000 cases /night over the conveyor system for seven consecutive shipping nights.

● Southern Wine & Spirits, Southern California highest rate system nationally 9,400 Cases/Hour during peak hours. All night sustained rates in the mid 7,000s Cases/Hour.

In addition to large projects, we have also done many retrofits of small and medium size systems throughout the nation. It has been exciting to bring many of the old existing systems up to much higher productivity rates and accuracy to meet the service levels now demanded by your customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to set up a meeting. We would very much like the opportunity to learn about your operations and see if there is any value we can bring to your table!

We look forward to talking with you.


Elizabeth Dempsey
Marketing Director
Direct Line: (201) 635-3493