OnTrak Software delivers innovative software solution to help beer, wine and spirit wholesale distributors Track, Measure & Manage their investments in point-of-sale (POS) marketing, line cleaning, and tap handle surveying activities.

OnTrak enables sales, marketing, and print shop personnel to closely manage all their POS marketing campaigns including: custom printed signage, permanent POS, beverage menus, and beverage sampling – providing wholesalers unmatched cost savings, while also significantly increasing their accountability with suppliers and customers.

Using OnTrak, operational and sales personnel are also able to more easily verify draught line cleaning compliance and measure tap handle market share.


Over our company’s history distributors have consistently identified three challenges areas, that while always significant, have recently become critically important:

– Point-of-Sale (POS) Marketing – The tracking and management of the in-house printing of signs and menus; the recording and reporting of sampling events; and the inventory control of permanent POS.
– Line Cleaning – The verification of draught system compliance either by suppliers or local standards.
– Tap Handle Surveying – The gathering of market intelligence to maximize tap presence in a very cluttered market.


Our software allows wholesalers to:

– Track and Lower Costs – A single point of control for POS marketing management to dramatically reduce POS ordering and production expenses
– Speed POS Time-to-Market – A POS workflow system to improve communications, decrease delivery times and provide a strong competitive advantage
– Improve Supplier Bill-backs – Integrated analysis and reporting tools to deliver accurate and timely information to help improve accountability with suppliers
– Be Confident They're Serving Great Tasting Beer – Tracking and reporting tools to ensure draught beer lines are always clean and you're in compliance with local standards
– Increase Brand Representation on Beer and Wine Taps – Collect and track market data to know which products are flowing through active taps or were replace by another product.


Our product portfolio for wine and spirits wholesalers includes:

– MenuTrak – Automates the order workflow including configuration, approval and production of custom beverage menus and signs; eliminates errors and reduces time-to-market; tracks POS costs; and improves supplier bill-back recovery.
– PermaTrak – An inventory management tool for permanent POS. PermaTrak creates a digital catalog of items available to the sales force 24/7. This tool also provides workflow management to the POS warehouse, with compliance to local regulations.
– SampleTrak – Records and reports on beverage samplings including what was sampled, where and to whom, with tasting comments; tracks sample inventory costs; and recovers supplier bill-backs.
– LineTrak – Tracks verification of draught system compliance; provides line cleaning assignments and scheduling with GPS vehicle tracking and customer acknowledgement; monitors general survey responses. Includes a free Tap Handle Survey tool to gather market intelligence and maximize tap presence in restaurants and bars

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