It was a typical perfect day in paradise as we drove along the Maui coast. With no particular place to go, we came upon Mama's Fish House. Sometimes life-transforming experiences don't seem all that special at the time. Looking over the drink menu, the original Trader Vic's Mai Tai caught my eye. As we sipped our cocktails our conversation turned to how we could fulfill our dream of living the rest of our lives in Hawaii.

In a heartbeat, the idea of bottling tropical cocktails was all we could talk about. Within a matter of minutes we named our make-believe company Hula Girl Beverages. It all happened so quickly in our minds; we created a brand, bottled a fabulous tasting authentic tropical drink made with rum from Hawaiian molasses, and quickly achieved worldwide distribution. By the end of our meal, we were retired and living on a remote beach in the islands.

Five years have passed since our lunch that day at Mama's Fish House. Unfortunately, in the real world one's dreams take a bit longer to fulfill, but it has been said that some things are worth the wait. While we continue to fulfill our dream, please feel free to contact us -- we'd love to hear from you!

Mahalo, Lisa & Billy