For over 45 years Unex has maintained this focus earning the reputation as a quality manufacturer and a market leader in providing gravity flow solutions to the market.

Providing carton flow solutions for order picking operations is our core business. Our Span-Track product line has been the market leader for over a decade. We continue to expand our product line offerings to provide a full range of solutions. Unex carton flow can be integrated into any structure ranging from shelving to specialized pick modules.

Today Unex is a lot more than just carton flow. We design and manufacture a full line of gravity conveyor products tailored to the order picking process. Unex Flow Cells apply lean principles to the manufacturing floor.

Unex manufactures and provides engineering support for all our products and solutions. Our products and solutions generate value to our customers by maximizing space usage, increasing pick rates, and improving the ergonomics of the pick.

Unex also provides additional support to analyze processes and evaluate a return on your investment. Properly applied our applications usually have a payback period of six to eighteen months.