For over 20 years, RP & Associates has built a solid reputation for delivering effective marketing solutions by providing custom consumer products and brand-building programs for promotions and retail. Our clients are powerful companies in diverse industries seeking innovative ideas to help feed their brand. We offer a complete turnkey solution which includes promotional program development, product design, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution. Our marketing and promotion programs are designed to generate additional revenue through a variety of premium, promotion and incentive campaigns. From high-end retail items to disposables, our exceptionally designed and cost-effective branded products are utilized by many of the worlds leading brands with lower procurement costs, enhanced customer experiences, and additional revenue generated.● Over 20 years of experience● A woman-owned minority business● Dedicated team● Commitment to quality● Top Diversity owned business 2007● Minority Marketing Company of the Year● Beverage Dynamics - Advertising & Promotion Awards 2007● Top 500 Diversity Owned Business in the U.S - 20083● Top 500 Hispanic American Owned Businesses in the U.S - 2008● Top 100 Women Owned Business in California - 2008Our Creative Services and Product Development department is responsible for working with our customers to develop new and innovative products and brand-building promotional concepts. We offer extensive product design and prototyping services. We are located in a vibrant and trend-setting consumer market and our customers frequently call upon us to develop and participate in new product promotion market trials.