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Wine of Japan Import, Inc. began in 1973. First establishing itself in Long Island City, NY, the company has expanded into the reaches of New Jersey, where its headquarters currently stands, and to Florida in 2003. The company arose from the vision of Mitsumasa Takeda to introduce one of Japan's cultural staples, Sake, to America. This vision shaped a company that at first specialized in only Japanese Sake, Wine and Beer. Over the years, Wine of Japan Import, Inc. has expanded to include a Japanese and Asian food distribution division, Sanwa Trading Co. Inc. est. 1984, and a wider selection of brands and types of alcoholic beverage.What sake is to the Japanese, is what wine is to the French. But sake is completely different from wine in terms of the production process and the ways it is served. A major factor in making good sake is the rice. Rice used in sake production is larger than regular rice and contains more starch. Also, a balanced combination of ideal climate and pure spring water plays an important role in the production. Wine of will help you to understand the nuances of various sakes by providing a comprehensive review of the breweries, and each sake's individual characteristics.