More Than an Integrator
Automation Solutions for Fulfillment and Distribution for the Wine & Spirits Industry

With more than a half-century of experience, DMW&H has refined a unique approach to automated solutions. We design, integrate, install, and support complex material handling programs that deliver complete, collaborative automation solutions that will meet or exceed your fulfillment and distribution needs.

Our talented team of consultants, engineers, controls and software experts, and project managers will work with you from conception through final commissioning. They’ll design and deliver a material handling solution that will transcend your strategic, operational, and financial goals.

DMW&H has been providing leading-edge, innovative solutions to integrate automated material handling systems for wine and spirits, beverages, and foods for more than 25 years. Today, we’re an industry leader; from manual “pick-to-order” systems to automated “wave picking” systems, and beyond.
We start by evaluating what you need, including production capacity, quality and accuracy, capital equipment cost, labor cost, and, when you’re planning a new facility, real estate cost. Then we consider how the latest innovations can continually optimize your operation’s performance and cost. With our systems, you’ll be able to raise a glass to high storage density, have strong overall production, and deliver high, sustained production rates.
DMW&H Analysis & Design Services
• Facility Layout and Material Handling Design
• Operations Improvement
• Supply Chain Strategy and Modeling
• Distribution Information Systems Planning

DMW&H Connects You With Software & Integration
• Shiraz Warehouse Control System – The Order Fulfillment Engine: easily integrates with order
fulfillment technologies, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and warehouse management
systems (WMS). It directs operations to ship and manifest, pack, label, consolidate orders,
manage labor and tasks, sort packages, pick orders, and handle returns.
• WHizard – The Monitoring and Tracking System: provides a comprehensive, powerful solution for
you to monitor and control your complex material handling systems in real-time.
Implementation & Support
• Experienced installation teams
• Dedicated, professional project managers to remain on-track and on-budget
• Post-sales support including parts, maintenance services and 24/7 tech support hotline staffed by experienced engineers and material handling experts.